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No pressure or inconvenience as you’re already aware that DISH provides top HD television programs within the industry. So when you call take your time and get all of your questions addressed. Our Representatives always respond to your inquiries  in a very professional and polite manner.

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Cable TV is considerably a more low-end and cheaper option than satellite TV but some areas cable TV may not be available. When it comes to paid television programming and you are considering the costs, cable TV is hands down the cheaper option compared to satellite TV. Stronger signals mean higher quality pictures and sounds transmitted to your television or any viewing gadget so that you can appreciate the show or movie more. Satellite TV and internet are stronger than regular broadcast channels and cabled internet services because it makes use of satellites to amplify signals.

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DISH TV Packages Keller, TX

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Proudly Providing Service To All The Area!

The city of Keller has 12 Zip Codes our satellite TV service covers: 76148, 76244, 76248, 76262.

These are the areas of town that our service reach: Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club, Vaquero Club, Bear Creek Park, Keller Place, Shady Grove Elementary School, Keller High School



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Dish TV and DirectTV are two of the biggest names in the satellite TV industry but there are a lot of reasons why Dish TV stands a few feet ahead of the latter. A major factor that determines which TV to pick among these TVs is your taste and preference. In terms of channels available, package prices, DVR technology and wider language availability for channels, some may think there is no difference but they are completely wrong. Notwithstanding the fact that Direct TV and Dish TV being extremely competitive, they don’t differ so much when it comes to the services they offer.

Dish TV Trumps Over DirectTv and Here’s Why

Dish TV has more HD channels than any of its competitors and the good news is that subscribers who meet credit qualification and stay with Dish TV for 2 years get to enjoy these HD channels for free. Quality matters the most, especially when it comes to TV programs. Satellite TV has stronger signals because it uses orbiting signals outside the earth to amplify network signals. DirectTV offers a limited number of HD channels, which they also spread across several packages and if that doesn’t make you feel cheated, we don’t know what does.

To make things better, the hopper box has an option for skipping commercial when recording programs which is not the case with Genie box from Direct TV. Genie Box, DirectTV’s DVR, does not allow skipping through commercials when recording so it takes space in what little hard drive they provide. The Hopper has a Voice Remote feature which allows the user to search the channel guide, look through recorded programs and do other commands by speaking into the remote. The simultaneous recording feature is great for big households who usually have conflicts in recording shows at the same time. If you are a sports buff then satellite TV is perfect for you because it provides you with best options. The Hopper DVR allows the subscriber to skip ads during recording which saves precious hard drive space unlike the Genie Box from DirectTV which does not allow this option.

Satellite TV is considerably cheaper and has more channel options available compared to cable TV. Dish TV offers a wide variety of channels and bundles to choose from, or even flexible plans where you are allowed to choose the only channels you want. Considering the low package rates, more HD channels to choose from, wider coverage and exceptional features available such as the Hopper DVR included, it’s no wonder more and more subscribers are switching to Dish TV for their satellite television needs. An in depth study comparing Dish TV and its competitors will only show that Dish TV is a brand that is committed to excellence and it will continue to keep on improving itself to offer better things to its consumers.

DISH TV Packages

The Flex Pack allows subscribers to select only the channels that they really want with the monthly fee fixed at the same amount for two years. Some of the TV channels accessible are dedicated to covering events like sports events, news, music, kids-themed entertainment, documentaries among others. With the large number of channels available, it means that TV views will have a lot to choose from concerning the content available for watching. Channels range from kids-themed entertainment, movies, series, news, documentaries, sports, music, cooking and so much more. For users who are pretty confident that they won’t need all 290+ channels available, the Flex Pack allows subscribers to select 50+ popular channels priced at a low month rate.

DISH Latino

Whenever you call, make sure you let our welcoming subordinate know that you need a Dish TV Latino, and will be immediately provided with the most recent and updated offers in your area. Dish TV offers a much broader selection of TV channels in Espanol, which are available on their own or can be mixed with English Speaking TV channels. When it comes to other international languages, Dish has their channels in 29 languages from areas across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East while their leading competitor, DirectTV only has theirs in 8 languages. The Latino channels they offer come in 2-year TV price guarantee which gives subscribers a little sense of certainty about their bill for the time period mentioned.

DISH High-Speed Internet

Dish TV offers DishNet where internet is bundled with satellite TV subscriptions and in return, subscribers get to enjoy outstandingly fast internet service at a discounted price. Regular internet usually uses regular telecommunication lines which make its scope limited and the signal weak in some instances. Dishnet high-speed satellite internet comes in different packages so you can pick whichever is most suitable for your needs and budget. As Dish TV reaches the farthest of areas and regions, they are also a reliable internet service provider.

Customizable channel packages that you can trim to your own liking make the experience highly convenient for subscribers without burning a hole in their pockets. If you are meticulous about the bills you are paying, you will find that Dish TV’s billing is easier to understand than their competitor’s bills. Subscribers hardly complain when going over their bills because the two year price guarantee keeps the charges at a constant rate and the bills are easy to understand because we’re not trying to fool anyone. Dish takes pride in having more definite billing charges compared to DirectTV who has been commented on having confusing fees and recurring monthly fees for different services aside from just the service. Contact us today so you can enjoy Dish TV’s cable and Internet services at affordable prices.


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