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Satellite TV is considerably cheaper and has more channel options available compared to cable TV. Dish TV offers a wide variety of channels and bundles to choose from, or even flexible plans where you are allowed to choose the only channels you want. The only deciding factors between the top satellite TVs would be better package prices and features which in all honesty, is covered by DishTV. Compared to cable TV, satellite television costs 50% less considering installation charges and the value you are getting for monthly fees.

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DISH TV Packages Carrollton, TX

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The city of Keller has 9 Zip Codes our satellite TV service covers:75001, 75006, 75007, 75010, 75019, 75056, 75067, 75093, 75287.

These are the areas of town that our service reach: Sandy Lake Amusement Park, Maridoe Golf Club, Coyote Ridge Golf Club, Indian Creek Golf Club, The Lakes at Castle Hills, Frankford Estates



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Direct TV and Dish TV are both known for playing a key role in the television broadcasting industry; they offer an extensive collection of exciting programs. When you have closely compared DirectTV and Dish TV you will realize that the latter is, with no doubt, a few notches higher. Some of Dish TV’s features that make it more marketable and outstanding than DirectTV include digital video recording, high definition picture and crisper audio, wider language variety, more channels made available and parental lock. For you to make a meticulous and knowledgeable decision, it is advisable that you have enough knowledge about what each company has to offer. When you compare the details of both Direct TV and Dish TV, Dish TV seems to have better deals compared to Direct TV.

Why is Dish TV the Better Satellite TV than DirectTV?

Compared to other Satellite TV providers, Dish TV offers a clearer and wider variety of channels than its competitors such as Comcast, Xfinity and DirectTV. Our stiff competitor DirectTV spreads its HD channels into various packages making it confusing and harder to decide on the part of its subscribers. Even with the bigger recording capacity that Dish network has, it only charges a recording fee of 12 dollars per month, but Direct Network, it costs 15 dollars recording fee for every month. What makes the deal much better is the fact that Dish TV provides its channels for free to its subscribers who meets credit qualification, and accepts signing of two years contract. Dish Networks are known for offering high definition channels better than any other network.

A lot of good reviews have been steadily coming in for the Hopper whole-home HD-DVR. This will help you make an informed decision regarding the right choice, which will offer you the various options to meet your entertainment needs and at a low price. The Hopper boasts of its hard drive capacity at 2TB, which allows it to store up to 2,000 hours of SD content or 500 hours of HD content. With its sleek black design, the Hopper continues to impress with its remote controller, which has a Remote Finder feature allowing you to find it by pressing a button on the DVR which will then trigger for the remote to blink and beep to let you know where it is. Its ability to skip ads which other competitors don’t have as well, allows customers to save valuable space instead of wasting it on commercials.


DISH TV Packages

Users are not locked to the channels they selected on sign-up and they are allowed to add Channel packs while keeping the package price for two years with no hidden costs and surges which makes it all better. Dish has something for everyone including channels that showcase sports, music, series, movies, news, documentaries, kids-themed entertainment and many more. Offering more than 200+ channels, Dish TV has the widest selection that you can choose from covering different genres such as sports, movies, news, documentaries, kids-themed entertainment, music and more. Subscribers can change the channels of their choice anytime while the package price remains the same for two years.

DISH Latino

The wide variation for the languages that they offer in channel proves that they take are considerate of their vast audience. Dish TV’s international TV packages are also the widest selection when it comes to television broadcasting with over 270 international channels in 28 languages. Don’t hesitate give us a call. The satellite service provider Dish TV has 5 Latino packages starting from 55+ up to 270+ channels which is by far the most selection in the satellite channel industry that we have seen.

DISH High-Speed Internet

Dish internet is the best option for anyone who wants to have quality fast internet service at an affordable price. In remote areas that are too far for broadband internet to be available, satellite internet is the best option for faster internet connection. Subscribers can take advantage of fast and reliable internet at a discounted price when bundled with a satellite TV subscription. Getting a bundled subscription makes way for less hassle when taking care of your bills because it puts together your internet and TV subscription fees in just one bill.

Powerful signals from satellite TV also allows for clearer pictures and sounds which makes viewing and recording a more pleasurable activity for everyone. Digital Satellite televisions have no limits on what to view irrespective of the location. In more remote areas that cannot be covered by cable TV, satellite TV is obviously the better option.

Price Point That leads The Industry

Satellite TV subscription is directly linked with the viewers’ preferred subscription duration. The simplicity and straightforwardness of Dish TV’s bills can be attributed to the company’s honest way of dealing without its customers. The cost of satellite TV subscription majorly depends on the number of TV channels each package is offering, so the user can subscribe to one that meets their viewing desires. There’s no doubt that Dish TV is and will always be the leading satellite TV provider based on the services and competitive prices that they offer their subscribers. Pricing system used is convenient since it mainly depends on the period the TV viewer choose. Get in touch with us today to have satellite TV and Internet installed in no time.



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