Discover every thing you’ll need to understand regarding the operation of the satellite Television! As for the web, satellites used to enable us to get the Television are situated at 36 000 km from Earth, are geostationary and cover the entire French territory. How it works ? Tv channels broadcast by way of a standard antenna program in a broadcast center. The center then in turn sends signals for the satellites through parables about 10 meters in diameter. Dish TV Dallas

Orbiting satellites get the signals and return them to Earth directly for your private parables. Incidentally, the signal wavelengths are modified to avoid interference in between the uplink signals and descendants. The signals received by satellite dish are then routed to your decoder. The satellites cover the whole French territory in particular, enabling everyone to receive tv in great situations, which includes higher mountains.

Satellites employed The satellites utilized to transmit Tv and World wide web signals aren’t exactly the same. In France, the three principal satellites employed to get tv are: Astra 19.2 ° East: to get Tv TNTSAT bouquets and CanalSat and foreign channels (German, Dutch, English …) Eutelsat’s five ° West: Receives Sky channels FRANSAT Hotbird 13 ° East: Receives predominantly foreign channels N.B: whatever the satellite employed, the TNT summers have been encrypted based on the wishes of the French State, towards the exploitation rights causes. Thus, TNT can not be viewed outside the French territory with a decoder bought abroad.