The “GLORY DAYS” of Satellite Tv

September three, 1984-Nashville Opryland convention center. Residence satellite Television (TVRO) annual major conference of the year; greater than 10,000 in attendance. On October 18, 1979 the FCC decided house-hold dish systems would no longer require a federal license so nearly five years later, a “TVRO Fifth Birthday Party”! It was a video extravaganza, duly recorded, expanded, and then broadcast October 18, 1984 on two satellite transponders. The almost-two-hour TV version has been broken into 9 segments and can be accessible right here in sequence; this really is #1 of 9.

You’ll be able to dig deeper by going to www.bobcooper.television, or straight to to show a listing for “Television’s Pirates: Hiding behind your picture tube”. Also see for “C-Band Remembered” video slide show encapsulating 1979-1986 in the Large Ugly Dish (BUD) days of glory. This edition attributes Robert Coleman, Travelers Rest, SC. Further internet details on TVRO’s improvement may be identified at… within the October 1984 edition of CSD/Coop’s Satellite Digest.